Elevate your health journey

Imagine a healthcare experience that seamlessly fuses the best of both worlds - the exceptional care of a hospital and the unmatched convenience of on-the-go support. That's exactly what our hybrid care delivery offers.

Who are we?

We are a collective of dedicated scientists, healthcare providers, and pioneering technology trailblazers who continuously strive to enhance our work in order to deliver personalized care that aligns with your individual needs.

Through our unwavering commitment to evidence-based practices, we consistently bring you closer to achieving optimal health, day after day.

The Future is Here, and You're in Control

Your Wellness
Our Mission

Step into a realm where your health journey is redefined. With our innovative hybrid care approach, we're not just offering medical support; we're providing a partnership in your well-being.

Your On-Demand Health

No matter the time or place, we're here for you. Our on-call service ensures that you're never alone on your health journey. We're the bridge between hospital expertise and care on the go.

Your Trusted Partners in Health and Wellness

Imagine a team of devoted scientists, compassionate healthcare providers, and trailblazing tech pioneers working in harmony to bring you personalized care tailored to your unique needs. Our unwavering commitment to evidence-based practices means that every step we take brings you closer to achieving your best health, day after day.

Experience Efficiency, Collaboration, Flexibility, and Competency

Our team of healthcare experts boasts deep expertise in their respective fields. They address your needs promptly, whether you're at home or on the move. Thanks to strategic partnerships, essential services like lab work and prescriptions are all conveniently available to you. Our extensive network of affiliated hospitals ensures smooth transitions in care, prioritizing your well-being every step of the way.

Our Leadership

Ezechiel Fenelon, MPH, MPP, MS.
Chief Executive Officer
Washington DC, USA
Stephann Dubois, BSc
Chief Operations Officer
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
David Walcott, MD, Ph.D.
Executive Advisor Strategy & Innovation
New York, USA
Yves-Nithder PIERRE, MSc.
Chief Financial Officer
Georgia, USA